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General Updates from January 2002 to March 2005

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14, March 2005
Not much to report (in case you can’t tell by how long it has
been since I posted).  We are starting to get 80 degree days
here and there, otherwise it has been around 45 to 60.  It has
stayed very wet as well so, I haven’t gotten a lot of painting
done.  Tasks completed this winter were welding the cornerposts
for all my property corners, putting the front gate on the
driveway entrance, and enlarging my shed of 9 ft x 10 ft to
include an additional 11 ft x 32 ft.

Zachary is now 3 and Jeremy is looking forward to starting
Kindergarden in the fall.  Both boys enjoy riding on the
4-wheelers now but, Jeremy does quit early to go watch TV or
play on the computer.  Zachary stays outside for long periods
of time with me.
5, July 2004
We just had an awesome Fourth of July party at our house.  Make
sure to check out the pictures from the left menu bar!

My parents took the kids camping and Zachary, the 2 1/2 year old
won a fishing tournament by catching the largest fish (I was told
he had some help from his grandfather though, lol).
21, May 2004
Lacey and I just got back from a week vacation.  Kyle and
Dorsey Bell have a timeshare houseboat on Lake Eufaula.  We had
an awesome time!  Now the aftermath begins.  Lacey is washing
clothes and I am about to catch up on mowing.  My parents kept
the kids for the entire week.  Lacey dropped them off last
Thursday and my parents will bring them back this evening.

Also, Kevin and Nikki, friends of ours had a baby girl while
we were on vacation.  Everything went fine with them according
to Kevin.  Lacey and I hope to visit today before our kids get

This Sunday coming up, myself and a few of the guys are going to
ride ATVs at Red River Off-road park near Muenster, Texas.
21, April 2004
Jeremy continues to call me Daddy-Dragon and Zachary now
answers to Woody since that is all Jeremy calls him.
Zack feels he is big enough to do everything Jeremy does.
Zack will even ask to sit on the potty but, never does
anything on it besides wiping.

I pretty much stay busy keeping the tractor and ATVs running.
Lacey barely keeps up with the mess the kids, the pets and
I make.  Maple had a tooth removed yesterday since it was
cracked and causing her pain.  That means I have $200 less to
spend on tractor parts.
12, February 2004
We had a great time at Zack’s birthday party and got a lot more
done with the trees and cabin foundation than expected.  It had
rained a lot the week before.

I have made a big update on this web page adding a map of the
place with pictures for various locations around the place.
Please take a look by clicking on “land” on the lower left of
the menu bar.
02, January 2004
Jeremy has decided his name is Jeremy-Buzz Lightyear, Zack’s is
Zachary-Woody, Maple is Maple-Bullseye and mine is Daddy-Dragon.
Lacey is known as Mamma.

We visited with family during the Christmas break so, the kids
spent a lot of time with the grandparents.  Zach’s Birthday is
coming up and my parents are planning on spending the week with
us.  Dad and I will move more trees and other odd projects
around the place.
26, August 2003
Jeremy and Zachary are continuing to grow!  Whenever I call
Jeremy “dude”, he says, “No, I’m Jeremy!”.  Zachary has an
interesting vocabulary.  It includes:
bah - ball, doh - door, ahu - outside, dee - drink, duh - done.
Zak loves to ride the four wheeler.  He asks to ride it without
warning.  I set the governor but, Jeremy and Zak can’t push the
gas button yet.  I have tried to slow down the land projects so
I can save for the garage but, we decided to build a computer
desk system in the den.  Jeremy has been taking Lacey’s computer
and she has been taking mine so, we will get her a new one and
give hers to Jeremy.  Not sure how Zak will react to that.
Jeremy really likes to play hide and seek in the house.  Zak
tries to play but, generally runs with whoever is hiding and
stands just outside the hiding spot, giving away the person
hiding.  Still lots of fun for them though.
25, April 2003
Winter is over and I am waking from hibernation.  Ok, I haven’t
been sleeping but, I haven’t been writing either.  Since I last
wrote, Zachary became fully mobile and now runs faster than me.
Jeremy and ZAK love to play and really enjoy the new play area
we built outside.  While building the 14 ft by 14 ft two story
deck, I put gravel under it and also made two other sections.
One section is just behind the deck for a future hottub deck.
Currently we have a free standing lounge swing that we sit in
when watching the kids play in their area.  Their area is 20 ft
by 24 ft and has a little toddler playset, kids picnic table and
a slide coming off of the adult picnic table.  I have the lumber
for the wooden playground but, haven’t had the time to put it
together.  I have pictures but, also need time to make a
dedicated page for that project.  The latest item I got for the
land was a thirty year old Kubota tractor with front loader.
It looks horrible but, seems to run good.  I got it cheaper than
most riding lawn mowers so, if it lasts a while, it will be a
great deal.  I just wish I had a shop so I can work on it.  That
will be the next project I guess.
27, October 2002
Wow has it been a long time since I updated this page!  Everyone
is doing great.  Jeremy understands just about everything in
English and Spanish.  Zachary is walking along furniture and can
stand on his own for about 11 seconds.  Those two love to wrestle
and play rough.  We had our Land Warming party September 28.  It
was a lot of fun.  I spent the daylight hours grilling hamburgers
while Kevin gave rides to the kids on my four wheeler that I got
that weekend.  I think Lacey has driven more than me!  Once the
sun went down, we had a campfire.  That part I got to enjoy.
Yesterday, we had a Halloween party for all of Lacey’s moms’
group.  There are many great people in it and some of them live
close (within 20 minutes).  The guys are supposed to have a
poker or 42 night at some point.
22, April 2002
We are now living at the land.  Lacey and the kids spent just
under a month at her parent’s house.  It was difficult especially
considering the age of Jeremy and Zachary.  Zachary changed a lot
between 6 weeks and 10 weeks.  The first week I used to pack the
house.  The day I had planned to move the house, we had lots of
rain.  I therefore lived about a week and a half with Kevin, a
friend of mine who works at Nortel.  The rest of the time I lived
in the house without electricity or septic.  Gas and water were
connected the day I moved in.  My dad rigged the septic so I
could use clean water.
Lacey finally had enough of living without me and came back
just after midnight of her birthday.  At that time, we still
didn’t have electricity or septic.  After fighting with the
inspectors and sub-contractors, we finally got those utilities
but did not have A/C.  Lacey was very miserable in the heat of
the day.  My dad came up this past weekend and got the A/C
working.  He also tilled the yard areas.  We then planted grass
seed.  I still have a lot of projects but, the place is livable.
My email address is still karstens@chivalricworks.com.  Email me
for my new address and telephone number.
9, March 2002
Yes a lot has happened since Zachary’s birth.  Jeremy is becoming
very jealous.  Jeremy is also very sick.  Zack’s Baptism was on
February 17, 2002.  My parents and Uncle Danny and Aunt Merlyn
came up from Houston.  After service, we went out to land
that Lacey and I are buying.  I have spent the last 3.5 weeks
preparing the land for us to move out there.  Our house will be
moved on March 18 as long as it doesn’t rain.  The weather
channel indicates that it will remain partly cloudy from now till
then so, I hope they are right.  The land is 10.607 acres with
small to medium evergreen trees.  It is about 20 minutes further
from Dallas/Plano/Richardson then where we live now.  My dad has
really been helping prepare the land.  My parents are helping
financially as well.  It is amazing the costs of moving.  I was
charged over $800 just in permits.  No services rendered!
23, January 2002
I added movie clips and new photos on Jeremy’s page.
21, January 2002
We are now home.  Jeremy and Zachary have met.  Jeremy justs
points and says “baby”.  I don’t think he realizes his portion
of our attention has been drastically reduced.  My mom is going
to stay and help Lacey into next week.  After that, I am taking
some time off from work.  Right now, the two boys have worn out
us three adults.  It will be very challenging guaranteed.
Luckily, Zachary seems more docile than Jeremy did.  Jeremy is
an absolute pistol though, so to surpass him would take a lot of
I have added photos to Zachary’s page.  Make sure you check
them out!
20, January 2002
My second son, Zachary Allen Karstens, was born on January 19,
2002 at 3:37 PM.  He was 7 lbs 13 oz and 19� long.  He and mother
are doing great.  There were no complications.  Lacey was in
active labor for 9 minutes.  She was in labor 7 �  hours after
inducement.  That was much better than the 17 hours of labor and
2 hours of active labor for our first son to be sure!  Mom and
baby will go home Monday afternoon.  I will update the web page
with photos shortly after that.
13, January 2002
We are less than a week away from the due date!  Lacey was having
contractions on Friday.  I let a few people at work know so they
would not be surprised if I had to leave suddenly.  I was hoping
to not go to work on Monday.  It is now Sunday night and it looks
like I will be going.  Lacey is very uncomfortable.  Zachary
continually headbutts her cervix.  Lacey says he thinks it is an
egg that he needs to break out of.  Not too far off I guess.  If
Lacey updated this page, I am sure she would have a lot more to
say than me.
Jeremy is really growing up.  We decided one day to move him
to his toddler bed from the crib.  He took to it without any
issues.  In fact, he cries less to none at all in the new bed.
One night when Lacey had a loud fan on in the livingroom, he got
up, closed the door and went back to bed.  We do have a child
gate that prevents him from leaving the room.  I added new photos
to his random page.

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